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Get into Karting

Get into Karting

There are over 90 clubs affiliated with the Australian Karting Association. Clubs are located right across Australia in both metropolitan and regional centres.

Joining an AKA club will give you access to that club’s circuit for practice, as well as allowing you to participate in any club championship, social events, working bees and other club activities.

Kaos Karting services 5 tracks in the SE Queensland and Northern NSW region being Gold Coast (new circuit comming soon), Lismore, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Warwick and Cooloola. For infomation on how to join any of these clubs contact us or click the club finder link below which will take you to the AKA website.

Visit the CLUB FINDER to find the AKA club nearest you. Contact the club regarding how you can join.

Once you are a member of an AKA club you will need an AKA licence. The licence comes with an AKA Karting Manual, which outlines all the rules, regulations and operations of the AKA. An AKA Licence also deals with insurance while racing.

Generally you can apply for a licence at the time of joining the club of your choice.

The team at Kaos Karting is always keen to assist newcomers in entering and enjoying the sport. We will be able to assist you with not only purchasing a kart, but also helping you maintain it and acquire the necessary tools and equipment.

Kaos Karting offer a wide range of safety gear – that is, full face helmets, race suits, racing boots, gloves and other optional safety gear such as padded rib vests and neck braces.

Karting is a friendly, family-orientated sport and karters young and old are always happy to help out newcomers.

Make sure you ask lots of questions of members of your kart club, state association and we will also be there to help. It is often a good idea to plan your first trip to the kart track with your kart with someone you know so that they can help you with any questions you may have. Also, while at the circuit feel free to ask other competitors any questions. So often friends you make in karting will be friends for life.


Midgets (7 – 11 years)
The purpose of this class is to teach young people to drive karts of restricted performance at a limited cost.  Competitors use a Comer SW80 engine with a clutch or a Yamaha KT100J fitted with a restrictor plate.
Approx. Power – 6hp

Rookies (10 – 12 years)
Using the same principal of the Midgets class the Rookies use a Yamaha KT100J engine fitted with a restrictor plate.
Approx. Power – 8hp

Junior National (12 – 16 years)
With two weight divisions this class allows close competitive racing in karts with reliable engines (Yamaha KT100J) still fast enough to teach the basics of racecraft at a low cost.
Approx. Power – 11hp

Junior Clubman (12 – 16 years)
This class is for juniors making the step up from the National class, for more experienced drivers using faster engines (Yamaha KT100S and ARC Spec 100).
Approx. Power – 16hp

Formula JMA (13 – 16 years)
This is the newest class for the more experienced junior karters in Australia with all drivers using a 125cc watercooled motor with clutch and electric starter. 

Senior National (16+ years)
This class is very popular throughout Australia as a competitive club level class. The engine used is the reliable Yamaha KT100J which is the same as used in the Junior National class.
Approx. Power – 11hp

Senior Clubman (16+ years)
Senior Clubman is the most popular class in Australia. Utilising the Yamaha KT100S, this class offers relatively low cost, yet fast and competitive racing. The Clubman class, as with all ‘controlled’ classes, uses a single brand and compound tyre, with wet weather tyres also an option for inclement conditions.
Approx. Power – 16hp

125cc TAG (Touch And Go - Formula Rotax, Leopard, Fireball etc) (16+ years)
A number of senior classes with an engine capacity of 125cc have recently been introduced to the Australian karting scene. The TAG classes cater for push button or key start engines such as the Rotax MAX, Leopard and Fireball engines. The engines used in these classes are watercooled and are fitted with a clutch. These classes represent the step between Clubman racing and international competition.
Approx. Power – 24 - 28hp

Formula 100 (16+ years)
This class is Australia's version of the 100cc international classes that are sanctioned by the world governing body, the CIK-FIA, for championships on an international level.  The technical requirements for engines are the same as the international CIK classes that are raced throughout the world.
Approx. Power – 32hp

Intercontinental C (16+ years)
125cc Intercontinental C is an International category of racing. The karts use European 125cc engines with a six-speed gearbox. They are the only karts in Australia permitted to run gears and front brakes.  With acceleration of 0-100km/h in four seconds the category is a very fast and spectacular class of racing.
Approx. Power – 38hp

Endurance Karting (16+ years)
Endurance karting involves long distance races that range between four and 24 hours in length. Pit stops, driver changes, refuelling stops, race strategy and kart preparation are all vital to a team¹s performance. Karts are powered by two 6.5 horsepower four-stroke engines. The Endurance Karting Association (TEKA) was established in Australia in 2000 and is affiliated with the AKA in running endurance karting events. Visit http://www.teka.com.au for further information on endurance karting in Australia.
Approx. Power – 13hp

If you have any further questions or queries con't hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss in detail.